List of Betting Sites not on BetStop

While bookies in Australia are obliged not to serve enrolled players, plenty of legit betting sites not on BetStop are available online. These offer all the sports markets you would expect of a known bookmaker, including bigger welcome bonuses, more regular free bets, and many more payment options.

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Betting sites offer the chance of excitement, fun, and feeling part of the action. It can be disappointing then to find your situation has changed after signing up to BetStop. And you can no longer enjoy online betting. While this feature is a way to curb problem gambling, it is also something that can be unnecessary after some time.

To help you find your way around the latest betting sites not on BetStop, we’ve put together a short guide below with everything you need to know.

What betting sites are not on BetStop?

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to bet, even if you are part of the BetStop scheme.

There are now plenty of safe non BetStop betting sites that have a gaming license issued offshore. Most of these non-BetStop casinos have a sportsbook and casino license granted by the authorities of Curacao. Curacao is a South Caribbean island now a world leader in gaming licensing, with brand new betting sites not on BetStop getting their license from this small province of The Netherlands.

These sites are not from Australia and do not operate on Australian soil. So, they are not obligated to be part of the BetStop scheme. However, while these non BetStop bookies are subject to different laws, they still have a comprehensive sportsbook experience. As a result, players can expect the same sports, markets, and offers from a big-name betting site.

In some instances, the top online betting sites not on BetStop have more markets with even bigger offers than their AU counterparts.

Self-exclusion and BetStop

In Australia, betting sites are can no longer offer service to players who have signed-up for BetStop. This law by the National Consumer Protection Framework applies to any online bookmaker that has license in Australia. The BetStop scheme is a system to protect vulnerable players. While there are issues with the procedure, the idea is for players who want to give online betting a rest to be able to bar themselves from bookmaker services.

This is achieved through a self-exclusion system where player submits their information to an online database. This info is cross-checked when players log in or sign up to AU bookies part of BetStop and prevents them from placing bets until the designated time ends.

How to get around BetStop betting sites

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off BetStop once you have registered. Whether you have set your self-exclusion period to one month, a year, or the rest of your life, you can NOT change this length of time. Furthermore, with more and more global gambling commissions forming self-exclusion networks, signing up for betting sites from most countries is likely to fail.

Some players might be tempted to try using VPNs and false information to try and get around the scheme or even use a partner or friend’s information. The BetStop scheme, however, is sophisticated and cross-references much of the information given during sign-up. This means it is unlikely you will be able to get past BetStop.

Instead, the real solution to getting around BetStop is simply leveraging betting sites not on BetStop AU. Even players with a lifetime self-exclusion period can sign up and use new betting sites not on BetStop without issue.

There is no legal problem with Australians using non BetStop bookies outside Australia.

The relevant laws of the Interactive Gambling Act were amended in 2016 as part of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill. This legalized some types of gaming online that included the wagering of money. While casino play is still not technically legal, AU sportsbooks were no longer prohibited.

However, operations under AU law have to apply the BetStop self-exclusion scheme. Using new non BetStop betting sites, however, is legal to do so for citizens of Australia. And nobody can punish you for doing so.

The benefits of online betting sites outside Australia

Opting to use a bookmaker offshore is not just a way around BetStop. Instead, these sites offer multiple benefits that traditional bookies cannot. These include:

Easy sign-up process

When a sports event starts, the last thing you want is a long-winded sign-up process with unnecessary KYC checks. Most non BetStop bookies don’t require this information until later, speeding things up drastically.

Massive welcome packages

Non BetStop bookies offer substantial welcome bonuses with free bets that are often many times your deposit amount. These sign-up offers are typically much more significant than traditional AU online book bonuses and give much better value for money.

Play non BetStop bookies with PayPal

In the name of convenience, Curacao-based betting sites allow players to deposit and withdraw their funds by using Paypal. This makes them as easy and safe to use as any domestic sportsbook.

Play non BetStop betting sites with Crypto

If your funds are in cryptocurrency, pokies not on BetStop allow you to still participate in the fun. These sites enable depositing and withdrawing to crypto wallets, with currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum widely supported.

In Play Betting with non BetStop sites

Modern sportsbooks offer live in-play betting, and non BetStop bookmakers are no different. With non-AU bookies, you can place bets live with odds updated instantly.

Better privacy

One of the most significant advantages of betting sites, not on BetStop, is that they don’t require as much information to sign up or withdraw. Your privacy is on high-level with a more straightforward sign-up process and cryptocurrency as a funding option.

Are Betting Sites not on BetStop easy to use?

For most players, using a trustworthy non BetStop betting site will feel the same as a regular bookie. However, instead of limiting players by the laws of the land, sportsbook fans use an offshore license to extend their services and offer more value.

These sites, then, are elementary to sign up for and begin using. With teams of bettors behind them, BetStop free bookies are made for players by players. Proceed through the sign-up process submitting the necessary information, such as your name and email address, and begin playing immediately, often without a deposit, thanks to generous no-deposit bonuses.

A VPN can access some sites, but you should check site policy statements to ensure this does not violate the Terms of Service.

Why non BetStop betting sites are necessary

There is a myriad of reasons people choose to bet without BetStop. With bigger free bets, vast markets, and more offers too. These sites are stiff competition to legacy bookies. The main reasons people need to get around BetStop include the following:

You accidentally signed up for BetStop

There are many online stories about players who have signed up to BetStop, thinking it is a system you can opt in and out of. The scheme itself does an excellent job of explaining what signing up for self-exclusion entails, but there are extenuating circumstances that can prevent accurate comprehension.

Excessive self-exclusion time

Self-exclusion times are permanent, and there is no way to change the period. For some players, this can mean months without enjoying their favorite pastime if set incorrectly. But, again, non BetStop betting sites are the best alternative, with no way to change this period.

Abuse of the BetStop system

Sometimes, concerned spouses, friends, or family will sign a bettor up to BetStop without permission. This is a system abuse and it is illegal. Signing up for BetStop is an individual decision that people must enter voluntarily. Bypassing BetStop is sometimes necessary for players who have been forced to sign up against their wishes to continue enjoying their pastime.

More betting markets

Betting sites that are not in Australia also provide incredible sportsbook offerings. As well as soccer, Aussie rules, cricket, basketball and other major sports you’ll also find smaller events not provided by legacy bookies. This includes eSports, minor events like alpine skiing, and non-sporting outcomes like political votes.

Freedom of choice

People can often change their minds or circumstances enough that enrolling in BetStop no longer makes sense. While undoing BetStop is impossible, bypassing the scheme is legitimate when players feel safe—betting sites not on BetStop offer these players the ability to enjoy sports events in their own way.

What payment options do non-AU betting sites have?

Without the limitations of Australian law, betting sites offshore can use a broader range of payment options.

These include:

  • Credit & debit cards: all sites accept Visa, MasterCard, and other major card providers.
  • Crypto: This allows players to fund directly from their crypto wallet using their favorite cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, DOGE, and many more.
  • Paypal: With many people already signed up to Paypal, it’s a convenient way to fund your account, giving quick access to a sportsbook.
  • Pre-paid vouchers and gift cards: Allowing players to keep their bank accounts separate from online merchants, you can use pre-paid vouchers and cards on BetStop free bookmaker sites.

Final Words

With more significant offers, more markets, and expanded funding options, betting sites not on BetStop are some of the best on the internet. For players barred by BetStop and otherwise, they offer a comprehensive sportsbook experience without compromise.

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