Non BetStop Casinos in Australia

While Australian casinos legally cannot offer gaming services to enrolled players, alternatives are available in the form of non BetStop casinos. Casino gaming is an exciting and enjoyable pastime that many Australians enjoy. The thrill of spinning pokies and hitting the jackpot is irreplaceable. Some Australians however, can’t use online casinos because BetStop is preventing their use.

These offshore casinos offer the same experience as your favorite pokies but with the benefit of bigger bonuses and welcome packages, more free spins, crypto payments, and enhanced privacy. We’ve compiled a short guide below with the latest non BetStop casinos.

New Non BetStop Casinos
$20,000+ in Bonuses
+1000 free spins
accept players from:
โœ… non-BetStop
Non BetStop Casino Bonuses
$50,000+ in Bonuses
+1200 free spins
accept players from:
โœ… non-BetStop
New Non BetStop Pokies
$20,000+ in Bonuses
+1000 free spins
accept players from:
โœ… non-BetStop
$20,000+ in Bonuses
+1000 free spins
accept players from:
๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฟ ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
โœ… non-BetStop

What casinos not on BetStop can I use?

Online casinos not on BetStop hold a license from a nation other than Australia. These casino sites not on BetStop are fast becoming recognized for offering exceptional value, privacy, and freedom while delivering a familiar experience.

Instead of receiving a license from the Australian authorities, AU casinos not on BetStop hold a request from a foreign nation. In most cases, this is the tiny island nation of Curacao. This South Caribbean island is a province of The Netherlands and uses its unique position to offer legitimate gaming licenses to site operators.

These licenses are not from Australia, in other words – they are offshore. So, they do not need to be part of BetStop. This means players enrolled in BetStop can use these sites to continue playing and enjoying if safe to do so with the same look and feel as more well-known casinos.

How BetStop excludes players

Australian casino sites are required by law to prevent access by players enrolled in BetStop. The rule mandated by the National Consumer Protection Framework applies at all levels and to all territories.

BetStop prevents players from playing pokies through a self-exclusion scheme. Players submit their data voluntarily, including their name, address, email addresses, and other data, and this is then added to a national register.

If this player tries to sign up or log in to Australia-based casino sites, they will be unable to deposit or play pokies. This self-exclusion period lasts as long as the player set during enrolment and cannot be amended even if your circumstances change.

Online casinos without BetStop are an alternative

There are no fundamental ways around BetStop other than using new non BetStop casinos. So even players that have implemented a lifetime ban on themselves can use non-AU casinos without BetStop to continue enjoying their hobby once it is safe.

Some players try to sign up for casino sites using their partner or friend’s name and information, but they soon find this method does not work. This is because modern casinos have sophisticated databases that can cross-reference data from various sources. As a result, trying to fool the BetStop scheme almost always fails without committing fraudulent behavior.

Non BetStop Australian casinos are the only way to play pokies when self-excluded. Players should not expect a lesser experience either. The best non Bestop casinos in Australia have the same pokies, the same live rooms, and even the same website designs. This makes the whole experience familiar and inviting.

Is it legal to use AU casinos not on BetStop?

It is 100% legal to use any casinos not on BetStop. There are no legal ramifications or punishment for signing up to and using casinos registered in Curacao and playing them. This includes players who registered for the BetStop self-exclusion scheme.

These sites are not subject to the exact legal requirements of Australian operations. In Australia, it is illegal to serve online pokies to AU citizens if a site is owned, licensed, and ran from Australian territory. However, if a casino is registered offshore and has a license from somewhere other than Australia, there is no law barring citizens from signing up and using these sites.

The benefits of online casinos outside Australia

Casinos that are not on BetStop are not just a workaround. They offer, instead, a superior gaming experience with benefits that legacy casinos cannot beat. These include:

Streamlined sign-up process

If you sign up for a casino not on BetStop, you can expect a fast and straightforward process without invasive privacy checks. KYC documents are requested only when necessary, and you can get playing almost immediately with only basic info given.

Huge welcome offers

Non BetStop casinos registered outside Australia offer huge welcome offers. Non BetStop casinos’ free spins and deposit bonuses often make traditional casino offerings look small in comparison.

Play non BetStop casinos with PayPal

With Paypal used and trusted by people all around the world, non BetStop casinos allow players to fund their accounts using this convenient method.

Play non BetStop casinos with Crypto

Many modern online casino users like to deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency. This allows more manageable payments across borders as well as security benefits. As a result, most non-AU pokie sites offer Crypto as a funding method.

Live non BetStop casinos

Non BetStop casino sites deliver the same life experiences as AU casinos. This includes blackjack, roulette, poker, and other table games with authentic hosts and game-shot experiences like Lightning Roulette.

Better privacy

Thanks to the pseudo-anonymity advantages of cryptocurrency and doing away with unnecessary upfront KYC checks, these sites are also a lot more privacy-focused, a pressing concern for many players.

How to use non BetStop casinos

Getting started with reputable non BetStop casinos is easy. You don’t need to relearn how to use pokies or navigate libraries, as everything looks and feels the same as sites that are part of the BetStop scheme.

All signed-up players will find a familiar layout with all the pokies they have previously enjoyed on BetStop casinos. This includes the world’s most popular games from prominent providers, such as Play N Go, Red Tiger, QuickSpin, and Pragmatic.

Using a trustworthy non BetStop online casino is easy. All players need do is enter their basic information, including their email address, and they will have access to the site. In addition, you can expect large welcome offers, including free spins and deposit bonuses, upon signing up.

Reasons to use Casinos not on BetStop

With better offers, better privacy, and a more streamlined experience, Australians choose non-BetStop pokies over traditional bookmakers. The main reasons include:

I accidentally signed up for BetStop

Accidental sign-up is a legitimate problem for the BetStop scheme. Unfortunately, many players in Australia have unknowingly excluded themselves from their hobby by not fully understanding the consequences of signing up. While BetStop’s self-exclusion process is easy to sign up for, it’s perhaps not clear enough to some that this is an irrevocable decision.

Self-exclusion periods set too long

It is often the case that players enter a self-exclusion period that is far too long. Players can even set a lifetime self-ban on playing pokies. Sometimes, this decision is made rashly and during the heat of the moment after a few bad spins. This decision cannot be undone, however. Players, then, should look to casinos not on BetStop, instead.

Forced sign-up

BetStop is a sophisticated system but is still subject to system abuse. Players often find themselves enrolled by family or friends who disapprove of online casino gaming against their wishes or knowledge. While this is not legal, it is also tricky for BetStop to verify. The best course of action for players banned by BetStop, then, is to use an offshore BetStop free casino instead.

More pokies on offer

Casinos not part of BetStop also offer tonnes more games than their BetStop counterparts. Thanks to their Curacao license, these sites can offer games from many more providers, with players choosing from thousands of different games. This includes branded titles such as Narcos, Starburst, and Bloodsuckers, as well as unknown gems yet to be discovered.

Freedom of choice

Players can often change their minds and want to continue playing pokies. In free countries, while Australian-based online casinos must deny service, these players have the right to look elsewhere. There’s no reason to return with Curacao pokies offering a much better alternative.

Non BetStop casinos payment options

Without the limitations of Australian law, betting sites not on BetStop can use a broader range of payment options. With fewer restrictions thanks to being licensed and operated offshore, BetStop free AU casinos allow more funding options than usual.

These include:

  • Credit & debit cards: As expected, you can fund your account using your standard debit or credit card from suppliers like Visa or MasterCard.
  • Crypto: You can also deposit and withdraw using any crypto tokens you hold. Hook up your wallet to the site and enjoy bonuses.
  • Paypal: Giving ultimate convenience and peace of mind, almost all casinos without BetStop allow you to fund your account using Paypal.
  • Pre-paid vouchers and gift cards: If security is your primary concern, you can firewall your bank account using pre-paid coupons and gift cards. Pre-funding these allow you to use them as you would any other debit or credit card but without submitting your actual card details.


While casinos not on BetStop might seem like a workaround, they offer an enhanced experience. With these sites typically run by fans of online casinos and pokies, the range of services on offer, website layout, game library, and promos are challenging to beat.